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United American Medicare Supplements for Colorado

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The United American insurance company was established in 1947 by C.L. Dunlap. This company is selling Medicare Supplement plans since 1966. It is becoming a member of Globe Life in 1982.




Additionally, it also provides several non-insurance products. These include:

Why Choose United American?

This company has the following benefits:

United American insurance Medicare supplement plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F offered by United American is one of the most popular policy plans. This company ensures not great expenses. You can visit any healthcare institution with Medicare-approval in the United States. You won’t be charged additional fees.

Of course, with benefits like that, you should expect a larger rate. This supplement insurance plan is rather expensive. When Medicare covers its percentage of the bill, then the United American insurance company will pay the rest. The average charge for increases for Plan F is typically 6%-10% each year.

United American part D

United American Insurance Company provides the information additional info about Medicare Part D plans. They collaborate with 68,000 pharmacies where you will pay less for your medications at one of United American chosen pharmacies.