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If you get Part A and B directly from the government, then you are subscribed to the main Medicare program. If you get coverage through Medicare Advantage or a Medicare-approved private company, you are signed up for Medicare Advantage. Many of these plans provide additional coverage and may lower your service costs. If you get Medicare Parts A and B, you can sign up for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage. With these plans, you cannot purchase a Medigap because Medicare Advantage plans cover many of the benefits covered by a Medigap. These include benefits such as extra days of hospitalization after using all days covered by Medicare.

Additional plan beneļ¬ts may include:

Medicare Advantage plans include:

If you decide to sign up for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage, you will need to use an insurance card issued by a Medicare Advantage provider. You may also have to pay monthly premiums for Medicare Advantage because it offers additional benefits. You can sign up for Medicare Advantage during your initial subscription to the program as soon as you qualify for Medicare. You can also subscribe during the annual Medicare open subscription period from October 15 to December 7 each year. The subscription comes into effect on January 1 of the following year. For some situations, special subscription periods are provided.