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Aetna is a coordinated care plan that has contracted with Medicare and the New York State Department of Health (Medicaid) to provide benefits to members of both programs.

Aetna’s healthcare network includes:

Major Aetna Medicare Plans

Medicare Value Plan

With this plan, you can choose a primary care physician and use the services of one facility out of your network for all of your medical needs. Advantages include:

Aetna Medicare Standard Plan

This is a preferred provider organization. With this plan, you can see doctors and health care facilities out of your network, but you may have to pay additional costs to do so. You do not have to select a primary care physician. Advantages include:

Aetna CVS/Pharmacy Prescription Drug Plan

This plan is designed for beneficiaries with original Medicare who require different, multiple and generic drugs every month.

Aetna Medicare Rx Premier Plan

This prescription drug plan is designed for those who don’t have to pay an annual deductible. You can also visit any pharmacy for your drugs as long as it’s within the network.