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Healthcare Insurance in Colorado, USA – The Cost and Types

Healthcare Insurance in Colorado, USA - The Cost and TypesYou can purchase a healthcare insurance through the Health Insurance marketplace or a nationwide resource. There is a fixed period for making a deal of this kind – from 11.15 to 02.15 of the current reporting year. The cost of health insurance in Colorado has remained stable for the entire 12 months from the sale start. Force majeure circumstances give the right to purchase outside the established deadlines.

The price of insurance in the USA consists of several points. This are your state of residence, your income level, and the quality of your insurance plan. The minimum HMO type plan will cost $ 150 per person, the platinum one will start at $ 350. Single-parent families with young children and people with financial and social problems, as well as pregnant women, have the right to count on state assistance. In this case, the cost will be much lower. Healthcare companies offer to issue Georgia payday loan to cover some types of insurance.

Types of insurance plans and their cost

Five main insurance plans in Colorado, US are based on the rate of medical coverage:

The insurance does not cover everything, but only a limited list of medical services. It does not include, for example, the services of a dentist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician and psychiatrist and many other specialists.


Insurance usually covers the cost of drugs, most of which, in particular antibiotics, are only available with a doctor’s prescription. Many pain relievers, antipyretics, allergy medications, rhinitis drops, and other medications are available over the counter.

Medicines in the states are expensive. For comparison, an annual supply of medicines in the United States including Colorado costs more than $ 1,000, in neighboring Canada – about $ 100. Moreover, in most cases, it is prohibited to import medicines for personal use in the United States.

Hospitals and medical services

In the United States, there are both public (about 20%) and private hospitals.

In a hospital, a patient does not need to deposit money right away. Doctors send an invoice after the appointment.

A visit to a doctor with insurance costs $ 20-25 (this amount is paid by the patient, about $ 130 more is paid by the insurance company). Uninsured patients pay more – about $ 150 per visit and get to the doctor later than others; they have to wait a long time for help in the hospital.

A day in the emergency room with a full examination (tests, ECG, MRI, etc.) costs $ 250 for insurers and about $ 670 for the uninsured. In addition, you have to pay $ 130 for a doctor’s work.

A general blood test costs $ 80-150, an X-ray – $ 200-300 (without insurance). The operation to remove the appendix costs $30,000 (with insurance – at least $3,000). The cost of a filling is about $ 300. Given the high costs of dental services, in Los Angeles, for example, it is considered normal to go to Mexico or Cuba for dental treatment. Childbirth for foreigners costs $ 20,000-30,000. Services of a family doctor cost about $ 20 per hour.

Emergency help

To call an ambulance, 911 is used. As a rule, doctors arrive quickly – within a few minutes after the call.

In Washington, the average cost of making a home call and a trip to the hospital ranges from $ 400 to $ 700, in Chicago – from $ 900 (and separately for travel), in New York – up to $ 1,290 (plus $ 12 each for every mile).

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